“Fields’ storytelling is both suspenseful and sensitive.  A powerhouse performance by Lance Henriksen.” –

Shocking & Heartbreaking Short Film
Is Taking The Internet By “STORM”

Award-winning short film Fragile Storm is moving viewers to tears while raising awareness about a devastating global illness

This week the shocking and powerful short film Fragile Storm, starring Lance Henriksen, was released online via Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and the film’s website at  It is finding an enthusiastic audience amongst the young and old while also receiving critical acclaim from websites like who referred to the film as a “Ten-minute cinematic masterpiece,” warning viewers to “watch and prepare to be totally destroyed.”

In Fragile Storm, award-winning filmmaker Dawn Fields tells the story of an isolated couple who struggle to deal with the increasingly violent outbreaks brought on by one spouse’s tormented battle with a deadly illness.  “Caring for a sick loved one is a challenging journey for both patients and their caregivers, and too often it becomes a lonely and isolating experience,” said Fields, who both co-wrote and directed the short film. “I wanted the audience to understand the ‘terror’ that is often felt on both sides, and the strength and endurance it takes to face the challenges. Ultimately we hope that our film demonstrates to patients and caregivers that they are not alone and encourage anyone suffering to seek help.”

Over the past year and a half Fragile Storm has screened at more than 26 film festivals garnering 20 nominations and 18 wins, including the prestigious $10,000 ‘Rising Star’ award at the 2017 Cinegear Expo Film Competition.  This week the film is taking the internet by storm, racking up an impressive 20,000 views on Facebook in the first 48 hours. “Because the film has a surprising twist ending”, adds Fields, “we’re challenging audiences to share it on their social media without giving away the secret.”

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Lyla Mardigan, Film Publicist


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